Give as you Live app launches

Shoppers can now raise money for 220,000 registered charities by shopping online at more than 4,300 retailers

The shopping and fundraising website Give as you Live has launched its first smartphone app on the iOS platform.


British shoppers will be able to fundraise for any of 220,000 registered charities through online purchases at more than 4,300 retailers, who then pay a commission to Give as you Live, which is in turn paid to the specified charity. Commission levels vary depending on the retailer and Give as you Live donates a minimum of 50 per cent of the commission to the chosen charity. There is no charge to the shopper or the charities.

The app includes features such as a menu bar so shoppers can access their favourites retailers and an in-built browser, thereby avoiding the need for Safari. Shoppers can also keep track of how much they have raised for their charities.

Give as you Live has already helped to raise nearly £10m for UK charities through its products, highlighting the growth in digital fundraising and payments. One such example was the Border Collie Trust GB, which has had to move site because of the impact of HS2, as reported previously in Third Sector. The charity has raised more than £10,000 through Give as you Live.

Greg Hallett, managing director of Give as you Live, said: "Our ultimate mission is to sustain charities, keep them in business and continue to improve and support their causes, so it’s important to us that we keep innovating and expanding our consumer-facing fundraising routes to fulfil this.

"We’ve been so fortunate to have more than 14,000 new shoppers use Give as you Live in the past 12 months. We hope this app can help to grow that figure and make fundraising a simple, inexpensive part of everyday life for more people."

Written by David Hobbs

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